The Programs and Activities of Educate The Children

All programs and activities of EDUCATE THE CHILDREN are geared towards providing adequate education for rural children in the developing countries of Africa. Specifically, our programs and activities include:

Main Programs and Activities

  • Providing opportunities for rural children in Africa to have access to educational facilities.
  • Building and improving school facilities for elementary and secondary schools.
  • Supplying books to school libraries
  • Supplying computers and other technological equipment and supplies to secondary and elementary schools in the rural villages
  • Providing uniforms for students in the rural villages
  • Awarding scholarships for secondary and elementary education where necessary to aide the students in the rural villages of Africa
  • Helping with school supply purchases for secondary and elementary school students
  • Entrance Examination sponsorships where applicable and needed
  • Provide Science lab equipment for secondary school
  • Facility maintenance and support
  • Public awareness programs
  • Sponsorship of exchange programs for students
  • Providing easy access to technological advancements in education
  • Programs and incentives for teachers
  • Fundraising activities (community events, presentations, proposal writing, individual donations, etc).

If you have expertise in any one or combination of the items listed above or you just want to lend a hand, to make a difference in a child's life, please contact us.

Board Members

Liz Akano
Liz Akano
Educator, Chair of The Board
Jay Cahill
Jay Cahill
Adele Lasson
Denise Pelley, Musician, Singer, Educator
Director, Communication
Ken Williams
Chartered Accountant, Member
Huleta Benjamin, Retiree
Angie Welch, Retiree

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