EDUCATE THE CHILDREN is a non-profit, non-ethnic, non-religious, and non-partisan charitable organization established in 2005 to provide children in rural villages of Africa with the opportunity to build a fulfilled life for themselves. We give disadvantage children in African "Hand Up" not "Hand out".


The objective for which the organization is established includes the attainment of education for all. In particular, the aims and objectives of EDUCATE THE CHILDREN include the following:

  • To provide accessible education to children in the rural villages of Africa by providing them with decent school facilities, instructional materials and educational supplies
  • To encourage educators to volunteer for exchange programs.
  • To raise awareness of the inadequacies that exist in rural education, the gap between rural and urban schools in the developing countries of Africa and to design programs to help bridge these gaps.
  • To raise funds and other resources required to educate the children in rural villages.
  • To promote interest in education and self-reliance particularly amongst the youths and their families in the rural villages of Africa.
  • To encourage and motivate educators to participate in the education of children and youths in the rural villages of Africa.
  • To provide other resources such as scholarships, school uniforms and supplies that may allow students the opportunity to attend school.



  • Liz Akano, Educator........................... Chair of the board
  • Ken Williams, Chartered Accountant...... vice chair
  • Fr. Iheanyi Enwerem, Catholic Clergy
  • George Tombri, Entrepreneur
  • Huleta Benjamin, Retiree
  • Vilma Francois, Educator.......................Treasurer
  • Denise Pelley, Musician, Singer
  • Christine Plommer, Retiree....................Secretary
  • Angie Welch, Retiree
  • Lakin Afolabi Esq. Criminal Lawyer

The board meets three times a year on the dates and time set at the annual general meeting usually held every September. For more information on how to become a board member, please contact Liz at 519-777-4996.

Board Members

Liz Akano
Liz Akano
Educator, Chair of The Board
Jay Cahill
Jay Cahill
Adele Lasson
Denise Pelley, Musician, Singer, Educator
Director, Communication
Ken Williams
Chartered Accountant, Member
Huleta Benjamin, Retiree
Angie Welch, Retiree

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